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Academic Support Services

First Semester Registration

The development of the fall schedule is an extensive process. Prior to June 24th students are registered for 14-16 credits based on what they've told us about their area of academic interest. Whether a student is undecided or has an area of interest, faculty members have defined appropriate courses in which to register students that will help them to explore their areas of interest and beyond.

The Center for Writing

The Center for Writing, located at 81 Blake Street, promotes effective writing and thinking by offering a variety of services for both students and faculty. They work with students to improve their writing and with faculty to support their effectiveness as teachers of writing. This combined effort strengthens the role of writing in our academic community.


The ASPIRE program provides students with academic support services designed to enhance success. The program attempts to help students improve their performance in classes, and increase the likelihood that students will graduate.

Career Planning

An important step in making the most of a student's college experience is for them to begin, day one, in thinking about where they're headed in term of their future. The early part of the process involves helping the student to consider their areas of interest, what they think they're good at that they'd like to do more, where they think they're underdeveloped and could use some improvement. Students can make an appointment with a career advisor or stop by the Academic and Career Advising center to explore available resources.

Supplemental Instruction

Supplemental Instruction (SI) is a peer facilitated learning assistance program designed to improve learning and to provide academic support for students enrolled in historically challenging courses. Throughout the semester a trained SI student leader attends all classes and models appropriate learning practices within the classroom. The SI Leader attends trainings throughout the semester to learn strategies for effective study sessions for all learners. Outside the classroom, the SI leader conducts weekly group study sessions for students wishing to improve their understanding of course material. Consistent participation in and regular observation of the course allows the SI leader to effectively augment classroom instruction during study sessions. Motivated students who regularly participate in SI study groups have often increased their grade one-half to a whole grade, or more.

Tutor Program

Peer tutoring is offered for many introductory level courses. Tutoring brings together an individual student or a small group of students with a trained tutor to improve the skills essential for the course, address questions about the course content, organize a study plan, and build confidence. Tutoring is open to all students, subject to the availability of tutors.

Math Center

Our goal is to provide a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere for learning mathematics. Tutoring, Peer Course Assistant, Math Review for Praxis I, and Testing programs can help students succeed from the very beginning of their math study at Keene State.

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