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Marketing Assistant I

Category: Technical
Department: Redfern Arts Center on Brickyard Pond

Duties of Students within this classification:

  1. Assist in publicizing events for the Redfern Arts Center by listing events with various media outlets including online event sites. Assist in publicizing Redfern events by creating content for social media outlets such as Facebook, Istagram, and Pinterest.
  2. Help market events to KSC student population by creating campaigns, creating and distributing flyers and manning tables in Student Center.
  3. Possess Marketing and Communications Skills. Course work in marketing preferred.
  4. Exhibit excellent written and oral communications skills, including proofreading, grammar and spelling skills. Interpersonal skills important.
  5. Demonstrate computer skills and the ability to create web/media documents.
  6. Are able to multi-task, to set and meet deadlines and to initiate projects and follow-through with minimal supervision.
    1. Assist marketing manager in various publicity and office tasks.
  • To apply for this position send resume by email or complete an application at the Redfern Arts Center Room 223 (near box office).
Contact Information:
Hooper, Jacqueline
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