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Parking Enforcement Assistant

Category: Miscellaneous
Department: Campus Safety

Student Assistant II - Starting Pay Rate: $7.55 Duties of Students within this classification:

  1. Patrol campus parking areas and roadways to ensure all vehicles are parked in designated spaces.
  2. Ensure vehicles have the appropriate parking permit for the area in which they are parked.
  3. Issue tickets using a hand held ticketing unit (PDA) to vehicles in violation of parking policies.
  4. Use of hand held radio.
  5. Provide information to faculty, staff, students and visitors.
  6. Other duties as assigned.

If you are interested in this position please contact the department or attend the Job Fair September 1st in Rhodes Hall Atrium from 11:30am to 2:30 pm.

Resume/Application is required. Hours may vary 8-10 per week.

The primary responsibility of the parking enforcement assistant is to patrol campus property to ensure the safety of roadways, walkways, and parking areas by enforcing college parking rules and regulations. Parking enforcement assistants are also responsible for conducting parking lot surveys and reporting unusual, suspicious or illegal activity to the Department of Campus Safety.

Qualifications: Applicants must be computer literate; must be able to stand and walk for long periods of time; will be required to work in all weather conditions; must have excellent interpersonal skills; must be available to work a minimum of 4 hours per week throughout the semester; maintain a cumulative grade point average of 2.0 (except for first semester first year students); be in good judicial standing (i.e. not on any type of probationary status); be able to pass a background check. Previous experience with parking, traffic control or security is helpful but not required. The Department of Campus Safety is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Contact Information:
Mitchell, Stuart
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