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SPDI Lab Technician A and B

Category: Lab Monitor / Technician
Department: Technology, Design and Safety


The ideal candidate will be familiar with the SPDI Labs and should have taken either SPDI 152-Product Design 1 or SPDI 180-Metals and Fabrication.


  1. Inventory, catalog and maintain lab tooling.
  2. Report and document damaged or lost tools and/or machinery.
  3. Assist SPDI Instructors, Lab Manager and Students in maintaining lab cleanliness and appearance.
  4. Perform preventative maintenance on lab equipment.
  5. Assist Lab Manager and instructors in promoting lab safety and security.


The ideal candidate will have worked as a Lab Tech for SPDI in a prior year and be familiar with the SPDI Labs. He or she should have taken SPDI 152-Product Design 1, SPDI 252-Product Design 2 and SPDI 180-Metals and Fabrication.


  1. Include all of the Level A duties listed above.
  2. Perform maintenance and repairs on equipment under the direct supervision of the Lab Manager.
  3. Assist students in locating and using the proper tools for the projects and tasks assigned.
  4. Perform machining operations for special student and/or faculty projects.
  5. Assist Lab Manager with raw material and scrap management.
  6. Assist Lab Manager and/or instructors in setting-up and facilitating demonstration on equipment.
  7. Clean and maintain 3D Printers.
  8. Be available to give demonstrations to perspective students and other tour groups.

*Exceptions to these requirements may be made by the Lab Manager, depending on specific candidate qualifications.

Application Process:
All interested candidates will submit the following: 1. Resume 2. TDS Center Student Work Application (applications available at department) 3. Letter of Interest, highlighting specific strengths and areas of competence related to job description

All submissions must be made to Christopher Gray, Assistant Professor, Sustainable Product Design and Innovation, TDS Center, Room 101B, by Tuesday, September 3, 2013.

Minimum 2 hour shifts between 9:00am and 4:00pm Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday Hours may vary per week

This position is exclusive to FWS eligible students, please verify that a FWS award was included in your financial aid package before applying.

Contact Information:
Gray, Christopher
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