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Network File Storage, Backup & Recovery

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The main file server for the campus is called Jackson, and it serves primarily as a space for faculty and staff with assigned e-mail accounts to use as centralized storage for work related files and data. Work related files include items such as Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, images, or any other job critical data that is created.

The IT Group encourages faculty and staff to use the space available on the P and Q drives because all files on the server are backed up nightly, which means important data is not lost in the event of a hard drive failure on a personal workstation. Faculty and staff have access to two types of file shares on the server (Jackson):

  • The P Drive is for the storage of personal work-related files. (Click the link to find out more about accessing and using file space available on the P Drive.)
  • The Q Drive is a secure location for the storage and sharing of departmental, committee, or project-related files where access is limited to a specific group of users. (Click the link to find out more about accessing and using space available on the Q Drive.)

P & Q Drive Basics

What kinds of data can be stored on the file server?

Network data storage is intended for critical data access from multiple locations on campus; it is not intended to archive large amounts of non-critical or personal data. If you have files that must retain due to legal or institutional requirements, you should use offline media such as USB flash drives, CD-ROMs, or DVDs.

Data stored on the KSC File Server (Jackson) is used for two purposes: KSC-related work files currently stored in your My Documents folder, departmental files which need to be shared among members of a department, and collaborative areas for special projects and committees.

How much data can I store on the file server?

Faculty and staff members will have access to 1GB of personal data storage on the P drive. Departments can have up to 5GB of group storage space on the Q drive.

Move the contents of your My Documents folder onto the P drive!

Is the file server secure?

Yes. The local network file storage service runs on a server that has been configured and is updated for maximum security, while still being able to provide an efficient and reliable service to the campus. In addition, members of the Enterprise Information Systems team, who maintain the storage services, only access the file server as necessary per their responsibilities. These professional IT staff members are bound by KSC policies and professional ethics to keep all data secure and confidential.

Is my data on the file server backed up?

Yes. Data located on the file server is backed up every night. This is done for the purpose of data recovery in the event of software or hardware failure. Backup also provides recovery in case of accidental deletion or file corruption.

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