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NetID Password Policy for Students

    Every student enrolled at Keene State College has a NetID (username). Every student uses their NetID to log on to the public lab computers in the Rhodes Hall and Mason Library, the wireless network, and to log in to e-services MyKSC and Blackboard (Bb).

    A student's NetID (username) is the first part of his or her MyKSC e-mail address. For example: John Doe would have a MyKSC e-mail address of, so his NetID would be jdoe.

    Passwords are separate from NetID. For each student log in account - MyKSC, Bb, NetID - there is a separate password. The first time students log in to any of these accounts their initial password is their six digit date of birth (ex. mmddyy or 01/06/89). The IT Group strongly recommends that students create one complex password to use with all of their Keene State related accounts, and then apply that complex password to each account after the initial log in.

    • NetID
    • MyKSC: (log in, choose profile in the left-hand navigation bar, choose change password)
    • Bb: (log in, choose tools, personal information, change password)

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    NetID Password Policy for Students
    Ownership: Information Technology
    Last Revised: May 17, 2003
    Categories: IT
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