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IP Address and Namespace Policy

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Internet Protocol Addresses (IP addresses) uniquely identify computing devices on the internet, however they are difficult to remember. For easy recall, services have been developed to enable the assignment of a name to an IP address. To maintain uniqueness of names within the internet, organizations register a unique domain name ( for Keene State College) to append to their system names. These names define the KSC namespace. Organizations also are assigned an IP address range to map to the individual devices in the KSC namespace. The KSC namespace and IP address range are assets of Keene State College. Consistent and secure management of these resources enable a reliable and accurate communications within the KSC LAN and between the internet and the KSC LAN.


The IT Group is wholly and solely responsible for management of the namespace and Keene State College IP Address range. This includes:

  • Assigning and unassigning IP addresses within the KSC IP address range to computing devices connected to the KSC LAN.
  • Associating and disassociating a name within the KSC namespace to an IP address within the KSC IP Address range.

An IP address may be assigned via a manual process and/or automated service managed by the IT Group. Assigning an IP address to a unique name, e.g. may also be a manual process and/or automated service managed by the IT Group.

The IT Group reserves the right to delegate management authority of subsets of the namespace and/or KSC IP address range to internal and/or external providers.

Any attempt to interfere with these services, running applications offering these services or manually assigning KSC IP addresses without proper authorization is prohibited. This includes, but not limited to, unauthorized DHCP and/or DNS services.


Interfering or replacing the allocation of our IP addresses and assignment of names from our namespace can critically impact normal operations or services offered from the KSC network. Just as important are the security risk to and integrity of electronic services offered by Keene State College and information stored within the Keene State College Information Technology resources. This includes information supporting the business functions, supporting the academic mission, research data, intellectual property and personal data stored on student, faculty and staff computers.

The college can be held liable for the compromise of certain types of data as outlined by federal, state and local laws. Impact on the college's reputation and user frustration due to unreliable and inaccurate service are other consequences.


A violation of this policy falls under the Computer and Network Use Policy. However, the potential seriousness resulting from these violations warrant a more immediate action than the normal CNUP Violation process.

Network access for any computer or system violating the policy will be immediately disabled. Network services and the HelpDesk will work closely to quickly identify the user and notify them of the situation.

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About this Policy

IP Address and Namespace Policy
Ownership: Information Technology
Last Revised: April 1, 2005
Categories: IT
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