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Higher Education Opportunity Act (HEOA) Compliance

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  1. The Plan to Effectively Combat Copyright Infringement
  2. Offering Alternatives
  3. Informing the Community

1-1. Link to relevant Web page(s)

1-2. What technology-based deterrent(s) have you decided to use?

Bandwidth shaping to minimize P2P applications and aggressive procedure for responding to DMCA violations

1-3. What mechanism(s) are you using to educate your community?

The Information Technology Group provides outreach and education to the KSC community via our Website, Student Handbook, email messages, electronic announcements, workshops and sponsoring guest speakers.

Computer & Network Use Policy

1-4. What procedures are you using for handling unauthorized distribution of copyrighted material (e.g. monitoring, sanctions, etc.)?

DMCA Violation Procedure and consultation with USNH legal counsel

**1-5. How are you periodically reviewing the plan? What criteria are you using to determine if it is effectively combating copyright infringement? **

KSC conducts annual review of policies and procedures including Computer Network User Policy (CNUP), DMCA violation process and solicits USNH legal counsel regarding changes. We assess effectiveness of the plan through monitoring and tracking data that IT Group collects relative to DMCA notices received and network traffic.

Offering Alternatives

2-1. Link to relevant Web page(s)

2-2. Are you carrying out your own survey of alternatives or linking to one or more lists maintained by others?

For downloading music and/or video files, Keene State College encourages students to use legal download options such as iTunes, Napster II or one of the many other options available for this purpose.

2-3. Have you made any special arrangements with one or more content providers to obtain content through legal methods?

No, KSC does not have any special arrangements with one or more content providers at the present time.

Informing the Community

3-1. Link to relevant Web page(s)

Read and learn more about the DMCA from the EDUCAUSE website

3-2. Have you developed your own statement regarding copyright and copyright law in general or are you linking to such statement(s) maintained by others?

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Higher Education Opportunity Act (HEOA) Compliance
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