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Planning Council Charge

To enable Keene State College to fulfill its mission, values, strategic commitments, and priorities, the Keene State College Planning Council engages in a thoughtful, inclusive, and transparent process to develop and recommend a comprehensive strategic plan to the President. Additionally, the Planning Council establishes a process whereby this strategic plan is reviewed, assessed, and updated on an annual basis. The President charges the KSC Planning Council with the following:

  • To continuously review and update the strategic plan and, when requested by the President, to engage the community in a review of the College’s mission, values, commitments and priorities;

  • To gather and synthesize relevant information in order to provide planning assumptions for use by the Keene State College community;

  • To recommend a set of metrics or indicators by which the success of the strategic plan will be measured;

  • To collaboratively engage Keene State College community members, including faculty, staff, students) in a process for proposal of strategies and tactics to make moveable, measurable, and meaningful progress on the strategic priorities;

  • To develop and use evaluative criteria for recommending strategic initiatives;

  • To evaluate the College’s progress in implementing the strategic plan; and

  • To ensure College planning information is transparent and accessible to the college community and beyond.

The proposed plan, as well as a description of the process and the procedures for reviewing and updating the plan should be completed and forwarded to the President, for review by the Principal Administrators.