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Keene Endowment Association

Keene Endowment Association

You can make a difference to Keene State and its students for generations to come through an endowed gift. The Keene Endowment Association, or KEA, exists to raise and manage endowed gifts in support of the College’s students and programs. Endowments consist of gifts that are permanently invested and designated for a particular charitable purpose. KEA endowed funds include many scholarships, as well as funds for specific programs, academic resources, departmental support, and other areas important to individual donors.

A Half-Century-Plus of Stewardship

Beginnings: The KEA was founded as an independent charitable entity in 1957 as a way for the College to accept gifts of money for investment or accrual over a period of years – before that, all unspent funds were required to be returned to the state treasury at the end of each year. The first funds deposited came from Beatrix Sagendorph of neighboring Dublin, NH. She donated $30,000 a year over three years to establish what’s now known as the Thorne-Sagendorph Art Gallery.

Funds given for a scholarship in honor of Maxfield Young, the much-loved son of President Lloyd P. Young who was killed in a car accident, were also deposited with the KEA. "Everybody on campus gave something to that fund," remembers Margaret Ramsay ‘56, a longtime member of the KEA board. Another early endowment fund, the Harry C. Tebbetts Scholarship Endowment, was established by F. Marion Tebbetts Wood ‘26, alumna, faculty member, and president of both the Alumni Association and the KEA. "We quickly had a series of modest scholarships," remembers Ramsay.

Impact: That series of modest scholarships has grown to include assets of approximately $7 million, and consists of 52 restricted funds designated by donors for specific purposes. Thirty-nine support scholarships, twelve support campus programs or campus facilities, and one is unrestricted.

Since 2003, KEA funds have provided $1.65 million in support to Keene State, its programs, and its students, and nearly 1,500 students have benefited from KEA scholarships or other aid. Donations come through current gifts and through estate gifts and bequests; the largest single gift given to the KEA was nearly $1 million.

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Reasons for Giving

Giving back: “I didn’t know it at the time,” says Scott McPherson ‘92, a generous donor to the College and president of the KEA, “but Keene State would shape and define my life in ways I couldn’t imagine. I gained the knowledge and skills necessary to start my career. I became a leader. And I met my wife, Kelly, in math class on the first day of freshman year. I have a deep personal connection to Keene State. So much of what I have in life today – including three rambunctious sons – can be traced back to my Keene State experience. So I want to give back, giving what I can to the support the College and its students, to help ensure they have the same opportunity that I did."

Supporting what you value: "Keene made me what I am today," says longtime teacher Norma Walker ‘51, who has been showing her appreciation for years through her work with the Alumni Association and specifically as coordinator of the Golden Circle Luncheons. Walker also established the Norma W. Walker ‘51 Scholarship Endowment to express her strong devotion to the importance of reading education.

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Norma Walker ‘51 (middle) at the 2015 Momentum event.

Changing Lives over the Long Term

By establishing or donating to an endowed fund, you ensure that your gift will have an impact years into the future. Endowed scholarships provide financial assistance to students every year in perpetuity. Donations to endowed funds help students attain a first-rate education and then go on to make a difference in the world. Make a contribution, and you contribute to the greater good. How do donations help Keene State students? Here’s just one example:

  • Financial support “means everything,” says art major Ashlynn Cedrone. “I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t have financial aid.” Learn more about Ashlynn, whose goal is to teach at the college level.

KEA Board of Trustees 2015-2016

Scott McPherson ‘92, President
Barbara Tremblay M’88, Vice President
Patrick McDermott ‘76, Secretary
Indrika Arnold ‘03
Robert Baines ‘68, Alumni Trustee
Dean Eaton
Cecile Goff M’77
Linda Hadden
Ockle Johnson
Wendell Pollock
Kathy Searles
David B. Staples ’55 M’60
Edmond Wojenski ‘85
Louise Zerba

KSC Ex-officio Representatives

Dr. Anne Huot, President
Dr. Daniel Petree, Interim Vice President for Finance and Planning
Rod Miller, Associate Vice President for Constituent Relations

A Solid Foundation

KEA is a charitable 501(c)(3) organization incorporated within the State of New Hampshire. An independent organization, it is an affiliated foundation related to the University System of New Hampshire, with a sole purpose of supporting Keene State College, its students, and its programs.

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