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KSC’s Mission Revised (Approved by BOT 2/99.)

  • A focus on undergraduate baccalaureate-level programs, grounded in the liberal arts
  • Strong relationships and programs which foster the success of students
  • The importance of service and the College’s relationship to the greater NH community

What NEASC observed (11/00):

  • An exceptionally strong sense of community
  • A campus that knows and understands its mission
  • Community affirmation of the inclusive planning process
  • Decision-making and allocation of resources appear consistent with planning priorities

KSC serves students

  • Demographics:
    • 58% in-state; 42% out-of-state;
    • 57% female; 43% male;
    • 7% of undergrads are “non-traditional” (declining);
    • 8% self-disclose disabilities (increasing);
    • 80% receive financial aid.
  • Entering class profile:
    • 45% “1st generation”;
    • 26% low income;
    • 4% minority;
    • 1005 Combined SATs.

KSC serves Region and State

  • Partnerships
    • E.g. Mason Library and Keene Public Library share catalog and offer mutual borrowing privileges
    • IBM Partners in Education
  • Continuing Education
    • OSHA Center
    • Customized training programs for area business
  • Workforce Initiatives
  • Cultural Opportunities
  • Facilities and Resources

Competitor Institutions, include:

  • UNH and PSC
  • Westfield State
  • Roger Williams
  • UMass-Amherst
  • U. of Southern Maine
  • Eastern Conn. State
  • Clark University
  • Springfield College

COPLAC Institutions, include:

  • College of Charleston
  • Fort Lewis College
  • Henderson State U.
  • Mary Washington College
  • New College of Florida
  • Sonoma State
  • SUNY Geneseo
  • U Maine-Farmington
  • Mass. College of Lib. Arts

The KSC Advantage

  • Size – relatively large and more diverse programmatically than private liberal arts institutions
  • Location
  • Attractive Campus
  • Cost – KSC is still a good value relative to private competitors
  • Community/Region

Two Kinds of Planning Activities at KSC

  • Functional Planning –focused, measurable, concrete, and continuous
  • Institutional Planning – inclusive, broad-based, builds shared vision

Purposes of Institutional Planning:

  • Building a shared belief that change can happen
  • Gaining a commitment to shared institutional values that result in clear priorities and lead to informed decision-making
  • Achieving a sense of shared responsibility and accountability for these priorities.
  • Creating a sense of community
  • Building a sense of excitement

Our Plan– January 1998
Visions and strategies identified for each planning theme, in three groupings:

  • Academic Initiatives
  • Teaching, Learning and Assessment
  • Partnerships
  • Bridging Chasms
  • Diversity
  • Rights+Responsibilities
  • Sustainable environment
  • Wellness
  • Organizational Agility
  • Physical Plant
  • Information Technology
  • Funding

Strategic Initiatives

Streamline and focus curriculum

  • Deliberate decision to limit Masters-level programs to those in teacher education
  • Streamline Associates Degree programs
  • Limit the number of new programs
  • Focus resources in growing programs:
    • Graphic Design
    • Safety Studies
    • Applied Computer Sciences
    • Environmental Studies

Strengthen teacher education

  • Double major required for all teacher education graduates
  • NCATE accreditation
  • New partnerships with area school districts which provide opportunities for student teachers and professional development opportunities for teachers

Strengthen science education

  • Science Center expansion and renovation
  • External funding to strengthen science teacher education from National Science Foundation
  • External funding for faculty research and research equipment
  • Increasing opportunities for undergraduate research

Recruit students most likely to be successful:

  • Targeted financial aid for students most likely to be successful
  • Outreach to area middle and high schools to increase college aspirations of low-income students

Increase student retention:

  • Improved academic advising
  • Improved course scheduling
  • Improved student services
  • Redesigned and expanded new student orientation

Increase diversity

  • Expanded recruitment territory
  • Reorganization of Admissions Office and creation of Office of Multicultural Student Affairs
  • College Commission on Diversity and Multiculturalism

Strengthen partnerships

  • School Districts
  • Area employers (CE initiatives, internships, Partners-in-education)
  • City of Keene
  • Other community initiatives:
    • Workforce Initiatives
    • Child Care
    • Monadnet

Theme 10 – The Physical Plant

  • Vision: The College’s facilities are attractive, functional, and efficient and serve its educational purposes.
    1. Sustain a Facilities Master Planning Process with significant campus input
    2. Extend the Master Planning Process to include landscaping and infrastructure.
    3. Develop annual repair and renovation priorities
    4. Display works of art to enhance campus esthetics
    5. Maintain the attractive appearance of the College’s outdoors areas
    6. Seek funding from public and private sources for the projects included in USNH 6-year Capital Plan – renovations of the Library, Science Building, and Elliot Hall
    7. Construct a new Recreation Center adjacent to the existing Spaulding Gym.
    8. Construct a new residential facility adjacent to Brickyard Pond


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