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spacer spacer Master Plan Project Accomplishments 1991 - 2003

  • 326,400 gross square feet (GSF) added;
  • total 1.3 million GSF
  • 117,800 new square feet of academic space
  • 121,000 new square feet of student life space
  • 87,600 new square feet of residential space
  • 163,000 square feet of academic space totally rehabilitated
  • Total resources spent: $94.3 million

Funding Sources

  • State Capital Appropriations
  • NH Health and Education Finance Authority (HEFA) – Self-supporting Operations.
  • Annual Operating Budget
  • Auxiliary Enterprise Budgets
  • Operating Reserves
  • Plant Funds
  • Restricted Funds from Fund Raising or Grants

Master Plan Uses

  • USNH 6 Year Capital Budget Requests
  • Bond Funding
  • Campus Boundaries
  • Impact on Abutters and City Streets
  • Land Acquisitions and Street Discontinuations
  • Land Use – i.e. compensatory storage
  • Infrastructure Demand/Capacity – heating, cooling, electrical, communication wiring, water and sewer, drainage, parking

Master Plan Values

  • Open
  • Inclusive
  • Participative/Interactive

Master Plan Objectives - 1993

  • Create an environment that stimulates academic excellence and quality of life
  • Establish an image that defines KSC both internally and externally
  • Accommodate projected growth within proposed boundaries
  • Reinforce character of small city & historic Main St.
  • Establish clearly identifiable arrival gateways and edges
  • Enhance aesthetic qualities of the river and pond
  • Establish an identifiable campus heart
  • Accommodate functional needs of programs
  • Define future boundaries for the campus
  • Establish a pedestrian environment at the campus core
  • Expand parking at the perimeter and limit at the center of campus to minimize pedestrian-vehicular conflicts
  • Establish an open space system that adds to the form, order and appeal of the campus
  • Establish phasing guidelines that provide direction for incremental implementation


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