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Open-Campus Discussion

Notes from October 7, 2006, Planning Discussion

Participants primarily included members of the Operating Staff and PATs

What do we hope to celebrate in 2009, the time of our Centennial?

  • An on-going general education with the support to make it successful.
  • All employees will have benefits.
  • The College will use technology effectively and the College will still have a personal feel.
  • Staff will feel like their jobs are manageable, that if they work hard enough they will catch up.
  • The success of a comprehensive campaign related to strategic priorities.
  • Students, faculty and staff will treat each other with respect.
  • A KSC education will be affordable.
  • KSC will have a stable enrollment.
  • KSC will be more financially independent.
  • KSC will double its current levels of diversity, including social class, in the student, faculty and staff populations.
  • The curriculum will be transformed to reflect the intellectual legacy of the world.
  • Operating staff will be paid relative to their skills, the market and the cost of living, and be able to afford to buy a home.
  • Each graduate will have had at least one service-learning experience.
  • Our students will tell us that that they have achieved identified goals (service learning, academic achievement and civic engagement).
  • At least 90% of our students are gainfully employed in their fields of study or enrolled in graduate school one year after graduation.
  • KSC will be friendlier.
  • All individuals feel a sense of community and value.
  • We will have campus-wide meeting including students (and photograph it).
  • Our students will see themselves as part of a global community that needs them.
  • We will have increased enrollments of adult learners who are engaged with the campus.
  • We will have greater campus diversity of race, culture and class across the students, faculty and staff.
  • We will have outcomes which are articulated and assessed.
  • The campus will be a model of sustainable practices that our students can learn from.
  • KSC will be known as one of the finest institutions in New England (the US, the worldÂ…)
  • The College will scrutinize Sodexho and other venders regarding labor practices.
  • Reliably inculcate a commitment to excellence.
  • Decisions are made equitably and fairly.

Design Principles for Campus Planning

  • Inclusive
  • All units will be linked to the College mission
  • Focus on mission/purposes
  • Effective and with an end period
  • Measurable outcomes
  • Communicate and respond to recommendations


  • Construct learning circles across units
  • Reexamine current committee structure
  • Reflect on past practices
  • Be entrepreneurial
  • Be purposeful
  • Address the anxiety that comes from change
  • Communicate in many ways
  • Build consensus
  • Encourage "nimbleness" or process efficiency
  • Outcome of cross-community learning circles will be strengthened bonds with students

Budget Planning

  • Retention of students and high-quality employees
  • Spending should reflect priorities
  • Develop strategies
  • Generate funds
  • Articulate greatness and what we need
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Reflects mission and values
  • Use resources better/recycle
  • Contain costs
  • Examine cost avoidance not just cash flow
  • Review the cost of adding new programs
  • Renew current programs to determine if still viable
  • Quality vs. Quantity
  • Assessment tied to performance-based budgeting
    - Incentive funds
    - Fewer funds to those who do not meet goals
    - Caution: parameters should allow for learning and changing direction
  • Explore efficiencies of scale
    - Purchasing
    - Shared resources
    - Shared decision making (program applications)
  • Resources below to the College (not individual units)
  • Multiple year forecasting
  • Phase in initiatives
  • Right-sized enrollment
  • Accountability


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