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Finance and Planning Division

Planning Priorities - October 2005

  1. Maintain an attractive physical environment; demonstrate good environmental stewardship and raise the standards and functionality of older facilities
  2. Define and highlight academic excellence, identify standards and assess outcomes. Offer collegiate and pre-collegiate development projects where students better understand life skills and responsibilities and college services
  3. Raise recognition of KSC by fostering strong relationships with Keene and the broader external world
  4. Remain affordable and diversify funding resources
  5. Continue investments in faculty and staff, encouraging development and initiative and providing benefits to recurring complementary staff and adjunct faculty

Most Important Values

  1. Respect for oneself, students, staff and faculty promotes shared values and a stronger community
  2. Promote a safe/secure environment
  3. Promote student-centered service oriented culture through co-location of service offices and over the campus intranet
  4. Academic excellence at an affordable cost
  5. Promote an inclusive campus that attracts and retains people from diverse backgrounds

2009 Goals

  1. Centralize student services and plant services
  2. Celebrate growth, facility improvements and roots of the College, and partnership with Keene
  3. More e-commerce, communication and services over the web
  4. KSC is a role model for sustainability
  5. Stronger identity and recognition of academic and departmental achievements

The most important priorities for KSC

  • Integrated assessment approach
  • Diversify revenue sources
  • High reputation regard for academic program quality
  • Raise integrity of infrastructure residences
  • Innovative parking idea to create
  • Student retention and recruitment (8)
  • Consistent communication and support across departments
  • Financial responsibility - staff/students/student responsibility
  • Student responsibility for admin. acad.
  • Strive to be the best teaching college
  • Lifetime affiliation with college
  • Safe and secure environment
  • Accountability and department goals
  • Raise standards on older academic and administration buildings (2)
  • Raise profile of KSC in state
  • Responsiveness to student concerns
  • Ensure heat plant viability
  • Serve core student population well
  • Student awareness of services available
  • College awareness course
  • Technological currency
  • Profiles of student success
  • Infrastructure/Energy master plan in college-wide plan
  • Academic excellence (11)
  • Communication and support throughout the campus
  • Fiscal accountability - improve skills, identify and agree on roles/responsibilities
  • Achieve increased diversity of our student and staff populations (3)
  • Maintain integration of info structure (housing, parking, etc.)
  • Higher regard/quality of academic progress
  • Raise level of involvement with local community
  • Parking - need more spaces (7)
  • Serve core student population well (requires identification of "core student population")
  • Align academic goals with support services/goals/agenda/planning/support
  • Embrace change
  • Personal accountability - responsibility, articulation
  • Organizational efficiency
  • Recruiting quality students - identifying who our students are - who do we serve?
  • Retaining students (2)
  • Create a lifelong relationship with those students so they contribute money and services, time, etc. as alumni (2)
  • Teach life skills - College is for academic and practical preparation for the real world (12)
  • Identify a KSC image/identity - Who are we? A teaching college, a liberal arts for traditional/non-traditional, commuter?
  • Identify most effective academic programs
  • Adopt innovative environmental energy policies that work (save $$)
  • Increase revenue from sources other than student fees and tuition
  • Keep integrity of physical plant/infrastructure which includes technology (network, telecom, classroom)
  • Parking innovation/solution - garages, offsite, etc.
  • Parking for staff and students - Staff cannot move their cars at lunch without being able to find a space when they return
  • Student/faculty/staff retention (6)
  • Better working space - less cramped (3)
  • Focus on utility efficiency (steam heat loop and electric heat usage)
  • Rehab older student housing
  • Full-time complementary and adjunct staff need benefits (3)
  • More work space needed for faculty and staff
  • Focus on renovations of older buildings such as Owl's Nests
  • New carpentry shop. Please get us out of the damp morgue.
  • More p.m. maintenance
  • Keene State affordable (5)
  • Keene State relations with Keene (8)
  • Utility efficiency (6)
  • Keep the community reeling as we grow
  • Continued investment in people as greatest asset (6)
  • Keep campus attractive (3)
  • Keep curriculum up to date with proper classes and hiring of educated teachers
  • Keep faculty and staff proportional to the increase of students and facilities
  • As we grow, maintain a sense of a close community
  • Administrative support and good working environment and space
  • Human Resource master plan/recruiting/retention/training, skill sets to do our jobs, affordable benefits and wages
  • Retention of not only students but also staff (2)
  • Academic excellence, but also teaching more life skills (fiscal responsibility)
  • Space - offices, parking, maintaining buildings on campus (2)
  • Review complementary positions for permanency with standard benefits (4)
  • Deferred cost of older buildings - repair or replace
  • Keep health care affordable
  • Facilities space that is more appropriate, possibly under one roof
  • More staff to keep up with maintenance of added buildings
  • Maintain historical/aging physical plant
  • Additional outside funding
  • Investment in staff, addressing issues related to complementary and adjunct faculty
  • Alumni involvement (2)
  • Growth (2)
  • Ethical in our business dealings
  • Mandatory class for all students on ethic and cultural diversity (2)
  • Curriculum which focuses on non-violent ways to express your viewpoint and a means to deal with both internal and external conflict
  • Fast and secure Internet service
  • Staff needs to grow with space increases (2)
  • Improve storage facilities for maintenance equipment
  • Awareness of number of handicapped students
  • Better public transportation (2)
  • On-going campus planning process that is comprehensive
  • College identity
  • Research and scholarship in both faculty and students
  • Sustainable technology (use technology to reach a world audience of students (on-line course options)
  • Enhance values - human rights, diversity, environmental and individual freedoms
  • Student and faculty accountability
  • Contract Services - Are we outsourcing too much? Are we getting good value? Do they share our values?
  • Using the current processes better - Banner HR, work order system. Are we using them well?
  • Integrating an accessible campus throughout to get to in a wheelchair - Keeping vehicles off pedestrian walks
  • Evaluate and set goals for campus size
  • On-going campus planning process that is comprehensive (2)
  • Foreign travel and career service opportunities (part of diversity and life skills offered for credit)
  • Determine educational goals (majors, on-line courses, etc.) and support those goals through campus structure, scheduling and technology
  • Review existing administrative processes for re-engineering to improve efficiency and reduce paperwork (2)
  • Work as multi-discipline team versus functional silos
  • Work on student core skills (finance, etc.)
  • Establish and monitor academic standards
  • Remove "Helicopter Parent's interference" in the college's ability to provide "real life" education for students in resolving their own issues without mom and dad stepping in. (3)
  • Control the growth of the college in both physical size and environment
  • Evaluate staffing and benefits, particularly with complementary and equality of benefits between PAT and OS staff (2)
  • Respect that people who work in an academic environment do so for reasons not found in the corporate world. Reduce the influence of corporate values in the academic environment
  • Sustainability through improved processes, enrollment management, sharing, raising acceptability standards (quality versus quantity)
  • Re-focus on the campus environmental ecology and environmental stewardship
  • Deciding or making common knowledge if KSC intends to stay the same size, grow, or double its population in the next 10 years
  • Focus on the smaller, more intimate New England feel that this college's reputation is built on.
  • Try to appeal to a wider population group (2)
  • Work within the space we have as much as is reasonable/possible
  • Streamline transportation systems - eliminate parking congestion
  • Inform and educate families about what their financial responsibilities are for college long before they arrive - past-present-future and the means for paying (2)
  • Departments sharing their information and infrastructure and processes into one system

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What do you believe are the most important core values of the college community?

  • Compassionate
  • Tolerant of differences/diversity (3)
  • Excited about enrichment through diversity constituency
  • Service - an ethic of service
  • Respect for students and staff/faculty/self (29)
  • Rights and responsibilities (2)
  • Reward and recognition - our best employee accountability /student/faculty success
  • Value campus as a learning community
  • Reward academic achievement (2)
  • Positive Town/Gown relations
  • Inclusive - involve campus in major decisions
  • Accessible cost wise/a good value
  • Sense of community (4)
  • Service -customer, student (locate in one building) (8)
  • Rights and responsibilities - recognition
  • Diversity (11)
  • Tolerance of diversity/inclusiveness
  • Community service/relationship (6)
  • Attractive/functional physical environment (2)
  • Keeping up with changing times/WEB information/electronics/teaching styles
  • Efficiency - Yankee resourcefulness
  • Attractive, modern campus - emphasis on green/sustainable practices (2)
  • Participative environment
  • Benchmark/assess performance
  • Personal accountability and responsibility (3)
  • Respect for other's efforts as well as achievement
  • Reward academic achievement (3)
  • Academic and teaching achievements/excellence (3)
  • Value campus as a learning environment
  • State of being part of a large family
  • Removing tension between City and College
  • Integrity in education, learning, service and ethics (7)
  • Critical thinking (2)
  • Perceiving campus experiences (inclusive) as learning events and opportunities
  • Human Resource Management Plan for 21st century
  • Enable/promote/encourage "Service" or "Responsible" to internal communities and external communities
  • Social responsibility - voting; duties of citizenship like serving on a public board (Planning)
  • Promote life-long wellness - physical and mental
  • Service, diversity/tolerance, academic excellence, safe/secure environment
  • Stronger academic programs (2)
  • Excellence cost to benefits ratio
  • Responsibility and accountability (10)
  • Safe and secure environment (21)
  • Participatory management style (4)
  • Friendly, family business
  • Affordability and accessibility (11)
  • Pride in the workplace (3)
  • Quality of life (4)
  • Educational excellence (9)
  • Quality of life for students, academic living space and work space, staff benefits
  • Ensure the success of our students
  • Sustainable initiatives
  • Clear communications/action plans for college priorities
  • Student success
  • Intellectual freedom (2)
  • Commitment (3)
  • Well-rounded college experience
  • Mentoring students (3)
  • Put people first! (10)
  • Encourage personal and professional growth of students/faculty/staff (12)
  • Honor and encourage intellectual curiosity and creativity
  • Environmental sensitivity and sustainability (2)
  • Cultural awareness and understanding
  • Good communications between City of Keene and KSC (3)
  • Conservation (7)
  • Scholarship (4)
  • Mature
  • Better student transportation, less dependence on additional parking spaces
  • Service to area schools and businesses

Notation on card: With regard to #2 (Values), I'd like to note that physically the campus is turning inward with its new buildings at the expense of welcoming the larger community.

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Where do you think the College should be in 2009?

  • Assess outcomes of new academic initiative
  • Implement branding study recs. identity
  • To be college of choice in New England
  • Academic/service/achievement/athletics
  • Football
  • Academic and athletic recognition
  • Balance between full-time and part-time faculty
  • Reevaluate master plan
  • End long-term ancillary positions
  • Measuring efficiency - fuel, cost
  • Offer distance learning courses
  • A good party - involve City and friends
  • Save energy costs - reduce energy use by 20%
  • Electronic source for student services
  • Family-friendly atmosphere - benefits
  • Raise student spirit and community involvement - start now
  • Quality education at affordable cost (11)
  • Raise position on national reputation lists
  • One-stop point of service in Elliot (4)
  • Centralize student service (10)
  • Electronic one-stop service
  • Electronic bulletin board
  • Community involvement - both ways (2)
  • Integrated data systems to evaluate initiatives
  • Decide on service model
  • Centralize physical plant
  • Residence hall monitors/staff central desk
  • Implemented Identity study recommendations
  • Measurable efficiency
  • Energy plan - savings
  • E-commerce & Web services
  • Student spirit - start now!
  • Electronic communications - directory bulletin board, etc.
  • Celebration/Party!
  • Raise position on college lists - hit more lists and market without growing too fast
  • Balance for infrastructure and academics
  • Clear information/services for students
  • Measurable progress on current curricular initiatives
  • Time to earn degree/grad. rates improved
  • Communication (8)
  • Operations
  • Resources
  • Save energy cost (2)
  • Assessment of Outcomes of new curricular - changes available and positive
  • KSC selected college of choice by students within a defined geographic region
  • Look forward to next 100 years
  • Positive reputation as public liberal arts in press and guide books, etc.
  • Use centennial as marketing/PR event
  • Family friendly electronic services
  • Distance learning
  • Branding and identity study
  • Optimized databases, web services (2)
  • Student placement success (3)
  • Attract alums (3)
  • Celebrate core values
  • More energy efficient campus
  • Less complementary staff filling full-time jobs
  • Data systems to evaluate change
  • Community outreach (5)
  • Academic recognition (3)
  • Celebrate the growth and roots of Keene State College (11)
  • Compare old and new buildings and make old buildings as nice as the new inside and out
  • Continue to have credible reputation
  • Campus development
  • Campus beauty
  • Focus on department success
  • Celebrate science advances
  • Campus photos then and now
  • Celebrate the past, tap into employees and share stories (2)
  • Highlight attractive buildings and quads, invite public into college to experience campus development
  • Highlight department achievements (academic and staff)
  • Educating educators
  • Highlight achievement of the college over the past 100 years (academic programs, buildings and grounds, success stories of our students)
  • Celebrate physical plant changes
  • Highlight each program's history/success
  • Celebrate core values at KSC
  • Highlight sustainability leadership (2)
  • Celebrate how far we have come with facilities (2)
  • Increased 24/7 customer service via electronic menus
  • Keene State College's contributions to City of Keene and Monadnock Region
  • Growth of campus and development of the college (2)
  • Expansion of buildings, facilities and programs
  • Preservation of older buildings and programs
  • Promote a good relationship with the Keene community (3)
  • Expand academic programs both in graduate (more than just Ed.) and in undergraduate programs
  • Good neighbor relations (2)
  • More grad programs
  • Parking solutions (2)
  • Strong academic leadership through the Provost position
  • 4-credit and Gen. Ed. Models fully implemented and continually improved
  • Development/fund raising
  • Involvement
  • Administrative infrastructure optimized for many more E-commerce and Web services
  • Nationally recognized for attracting high achieving students from diverse national and international populations
  • Retain athletic excellence
  • Maintain a balance of academics and athletics
  • Highlight teacher education program (Keene Normal School)
  • Improve what we are physically not expanding
  • Model for campus sustainability
  • Foster college exposure for high school students
  • Improve relationship between KSC and City (housing issues, underage drinking, etc.)
  • Balance improving and growth
  • State support which will lessen the burden on tuition
  • The 3 schools - Arts & Humanities; Professional Studies; Sciences and Social Sciences recognized as equally strong academic representatives of Higher Education
  • A prominent gateway (entrance) to KSC
  • Raise the appearance of Winchester Street (2)
  • Encourage personal and professional growth
  • Role model for sustainable campus/education
  • Make network infrastructure a priority
  • Improve proximity within departments
  • Focus on improvement
  • Increased financial stability - less reliance on tuition and fees (3)

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