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spacer KSC Priorities and Core Values - Alumni

5 Most Important Priorities at KSC:

  1. Creating the Premier Public College in the New Hampshire region and beyond. Continuously raise the levels of academics with students, programs, and faculty

  2. Maintaining a small college atmosphere "small enough to be human," and creating a connection to KSC for alumni starting as freshmen

  3. Improving and increasing communication

  4. Advocating for completion of Master Plan

  5. Increasing external financial support

Core Values of KSC Community:

  1. Campus involvement - Individuals involved

  2. Outside involvement (external)- Individuals involved

  3. College support local (25 miles) community - Access for adult learners, etc.

  4. Acceptance of the opinions and ideas of others

  5. Service to others/community (make it a requirement)

  6. Excellence in education

Where will KSC be in 2009?

  1. Campus facilities renovated or open (2 new residence halls, old Commons as an academic building, Huntress and Fiske renovated)

  2. KSC more widely known regionally, through PR and marketing

  3. Strong and more active student groups
    - Greeks
    - Student Government
    - Student Activities Council
    - Athletics

  4. 50% (a very big stretch) of Alumni contributing to KSC (time/talent/money)

  5. Alumni Association seen as a vital member of the KSC community

  6. Alumni Center opened


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