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Jaime Ingalls MPH

Photo of Jaime Ingalls MPH
Assistant Clinical Professor
Safety and Occupational Health Applied Sciences
TDS Center 121 TDS Center • M-1901

Alumna of KSC, with a BA in History and a BS in Safety Studies. After working in the private sector for a few years in the Environmental Health and Safety Consulting industry, returned to KSC as a Research Assistant on the Federally funded NIH COBRE Grant with Dr. Melinda Treadwell, while completing a Master's in Public Health from the University of New Hampshire. Currently, working to complete a Doctoral of Arts in Leadership from Franklin Pierce University.

Area of professional focus is in establishing positive safety culture in the workplace by providing future safety leaders with the leadership skills needed to establish realistic change in a sustainable construct.

From an article that appeared on Jaime Ingalls in the Keene State Today Magazine:

The joke in my department is that I should install a couch in my office, along with a deli counter so students can take numbers and wait. I spend a lot of time talking with students, counseling them, and referring them to campus resources. I do it because I want to help them manage their academics and the other things going on in their lives.

I also do it because I know what it’s like to balance coursework with family and work obligations. I grew up in Keene and expected to go to college out of the area. But my father became seriously ill when I was in high school, and I wanted to stay around to help out and to spend as much time with him as I could, because we didn’t know how much longer he would be with us. (A kidney transplant gave him several more years – he died two years ago.) So I thought, I’ll just go to Keene State. No big deal. What I learned when I arrived on campus is that I wasn’t “just” going to Keene State. I was a townie, but the College was another planet, a completely new community. And it was a quality school offering a quality education. I walked into my first class – Intro to Communications, aka Public Speaking – and was struck immediately by the sense that everyone was there because they wanted to be there. I knew then that I belonged here – and I never left.

I had a second “first-year” kind of experience at Keene State, though it happened a few years into my undergraduate career. Because it had been my dad’s dream to be a history teacher, I majored in history and secondary education. But when it came time to student teach, I realized I didn’t want to go through with it. It wasn’t my dream. I needed to take a break and explore some other fields. I tried a lot of different courses, and when I took Safety Awareness, I knew I’d discovered my passion.

Because my own college experience included family commitments, part-time jobs, and playing rugby, I make a point of remembering that my students are whole beings with lives outside of the classroom. Because I experienced a midstream rethinking of my career path, I let them know how important it is not to lose track of who they are and whom they want to become.

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