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Whitney Bateson, 2008

Whitney Bateson, RD
Whitney Bateson, RD

2008 Alumna Whitney Bateson, RD, Director of Nutrition and Wellness for Chartwells School Dining Services, Washington, DC

"The internship was great," says Whitney Bateson. "There was a lot of flexibility for me to try a lot of different things and explore my interests. Though I didn’t realize it at the time, the internship also prepared me to think on my feet, be a leader, and be an independent worker."

Bateson adds that she is very pleased with the course of her career since graduating from Keene State’s Dietetic Internship. Immediately after completing the program, she began a job as the dietitian for the Washington, DC, public schools served by Chartwells, a food service management company. She has since been promoted twice, and now works at the corporate level, reporting to the vice president of Nutrition and Sustainability.

She manages the company’s strategy for menu development, USDA compliance, nutrition education, and sustainability, and is involved in putting together a dietetic internship through Chartwells. "One of the things that I have realized as we are planning out our own internship is how organized the Keene internship was," she says. She used her experience at Keene State to help develop the food service rotation for Chartwells’ internship.

"One thing I remembered was collecting data for Early Sprouts" – Keene State’s nutrition and gardening program for the preschool years. "I recommended we have our interns do the same and now we’re partnered with a university doing some groundbreaking research in student consumption patterns of school lunch. Just goes to show, you never know when you’ll draw on the experiences of the internship – and they may not be in ways you expect."

The Keene State Dietetic Internship is great at developing interns as nutrition leaders and experts, Bateson adds, which "really adds to the value of the Keene internship specifically."

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