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Welcome to Mason Library!

Celia Rabinowitz, Dean of Mason Library
Celia Rabinowitz, Dean of Mason Library

Whether you are physically in the library or you arrived here virtually, I invite you to make yourself at home. The library has a lot to offer all of our visitors. The 21st century college library is a mix of what has always made libraries great along with exciting new services and spaces. Borrow a book, a DVD, a laptop (students only), or a bicycle! Find a comfy chair, use our technology-rich collaborative work spaces, or find a spot for some focused quiet study.

We are pleased to make our space and many of our collections available to campus and local community users. And we encourage KSC students and faculty to take advantage of Keene-Link and to visit and use the Keene Public Library. The Information Desk offers assistance in finding materials or getting help with your research. Faculty can consult our collection of DIY instructional materials or contact a librarian to arrange time with a class. Students are also welcome to make an appointment with a librarian for one-on-one research help.

Whether you are accessing our ebooks and databases from home, watching a film with friends in the media viewing room, or attending a class using one of the collections from our Archives, we hope you will come back often, friend us on Facebook, and be sure to tell us how we are doing. We want Mason Library to be a place that you “enter to learn.”

Mason Library Mission

Bridget Love

Keene State College’s Mason Library meets diverse academic needs and supports the College’s mission of academic excellence by providing information literacy instruction and resources to facilitate learning.


Mason Library’s vision is to achieve excellence in the following:

Mason Library partners with the campus community to prepare citizens ready to engage in the world. The Library is a knowledge center where students learn information literacy skills that empower them to navigate a rapidly changing environment. The Library offers a welcoming space at the heart of the intellectual endeavor, integrating materials, technology, place, and teaching in the tradition of a public liberal arts institution.

Core Values

Mason Library is committed to:

  • Access to information
  • Effective instruction
  • Students learning to find, evaluate, and use information in a meaningful and ethical way
  • Collaborating with individual faculty, departments, and schools to provide curricular support
  • Developing collections that support the curriculum
  • Appropriate technologies to meet diverse learning needs
  • Contributing to campus life
  • Preservation of college history and culturally significant collections
  • Creating a variety of welcoming spaces to facilitate discovery and learning
  • Partnerships with the greater Keene community.

Mason Library Maps

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First Floor
Second Floor

The Mason Library Annual Lecture

The Mason Library Lecture, started in 1989 with Library Director Paul Vincent, serves to support, encourage, collect, and disseminate scholarship at Keene State. The purpose of this lecture is to bring to campus scholars whose works or publications have contributed significantly to the disciplines in which they specialize. The lecture series seeks to provide students with learning opportunities outside the classroom and to contribute to the academic life of the campus community. Read More

Library Data

For data about the Mason Library’s holding and usage : Factbook 2015

Staff Listings

Library Departments
Library Staff

Special Collections

Orang Asli Archive.

Mason Library Partners

Contact the Mason Library

Phone: 603-358-2711

Mason Library
229 Main Street
Keene, New Hampshire 03435