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Chris Riley ’11

B.S, Architecture

One of the things I loved most about KSC is that the ISP program connects to the student’s major. I was learning things in geography, sociology, art, graphic design, film, and journalism that directly connected to my studies in Architecture. The fact that I can stand back and not only have my architectural education, but have an encompassing view on the world and then be able to connect that world with architecture is priceless.

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Alison Dreyfuss ’12

B.S., Pure/Applied Mathematics & Math/Physics

I really enjoyed an ISP course called Cognition, which I took my sophomore year, and my last semester I took a course called Archaeology and Physical Anthropology that was also very enjoyable.

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Alyssa Gilhooly ’12

Individualized major, Quantitative Business Analysis

I originally came to KSC for the teaching program. After I got here, the ISP curriculum allowed me to explore my interests and determine what job would fit me best. Keene State allowed me to build an academic program around this career goal.