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Along the way, you may find yourself:

  • discovering a new intellectual passion
  • doing original research
  • thinking with a global perspective
  • connecting the dots between seemingly unrelated topics

From a future employer’s perspective: Employers today ask colleges to place more emphasis on these essential learning outcomes, all part of Keene State’s ISP curriculum:

  • Communicate well, orally and in writing
  • Think critically
  • Apply knowledge to real-world settings
  • Make ethical decisions
  • Solve complex problems
  • Work in teams of diverse individuals
  • Be fluent in science and technology
  • Demonstrate creativity and innovation

Program Outcomes

The Integrative Studies Program has three sets of outcomes: disciplinary or interdisciplinary, skills, and integrative outcomes. Course syllabi for the Integrative Studies Program will include those disciplinary or interdisciplinary outcomes the faculty member has identified for the course, outcomes for those skills the faculty member expects students to use as they engage the content, and the integrative outcomes they will address in their course. More about Program Outcomes