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EDUC 431

Secondary Methods II: Science

(Biology, Grades 7-12; Chemistry, Grades 7-12; Earth/Space Science, Grades 7-12; General Science, Grades 5-9; Physics, Grades 7-12)

Course Summary: Methods II in Science Education is the second of two secondary methods of instruction course including standards-based unit plans with the expectation of detailed lesson plans which include the 5E model of teaching pedagogy (Engagement, Exploration, Explanation, Elaboration, and Evaluation); current issues in education, specifically in science education; emphasis on inquiry-based lessons; assessment techniques; and reflective professional practice.

Science Education candidates are expected to begin their field experience by observing their cooperating teachers and other teachers in the school. They then begin their teaching experience by working with students in both classes and in laboratory situations. They must plan and teach a minimum of 5 lessons that they have planned in one of their units.

Expectations of cooperating teachers include: mentoring candidates by discussing their teaching pedagogy after candidate observations, guiding candidates in developing their own teaching pedagogy, critiquing lesson plans, and critiquing lesson preparation and presentations. It is expected that appropriate evaluations are submitted on Tk20 (Disposition Form and Teaching Evaluation form due at the end of the semester).

Field hours: Minimum of 30 hours, minimum of 2 hours/week.

Location and Hours

Rhodes Hall, S111.

Open Monday–Friday,
8 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

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