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Secondary Methods II: Math

Course summary: Methods Two course work is focused on instruction and assessment. As part of curriculum, instruction, and assessment. Students will develop lesson plans, plan a unit, conduct assessments, teach at least three lessons, and work one-on-one with classroom students. Students are required to be in the classroom for at least 30 hours.

Expectations of students in field work: Professional dress and other dispositions are expected of students during each visit to a school. Students need to plan and teach at least 3 lessons for this field experience. Discussions and reflections should accompany their lesson plans. Students are required to submit lesson plans and a notebook detailing their field experience through Tk20. Students are expected to communicate with both their cooperating teacher and college supervisor throughout the field experience.

Expectations of Cooperating teachers with our students: Cooperating teachers are expected to introduce students to the school building, staff, and mathematics faculty whenever possible. Cooperating teachers are to help students plan lessons and discuss classroom procedures as well as other relevant classroom information. Cooperating teachers should provide methods students with input on their pedagogy and student interactions. All assessments of the students will be done using the electronic data management system Tk20. Cooperating teachers should continually communicate with the methods student and college supervisor throughout the field experience. Each of the three lessons taught will be observed and commented on by the cooperating teacher. One of the lessons will be observed by the college supervisor.

Field Experience: 30 hours (3 site visits per week for 10 weeks). Students are expected to contact their cooperating teacher, by email or phone, at the beginning of their field experience to work out availabilities.

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