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Suggested Five Day Curriculum

Day 1

Judaism and Antisemitism

  • Judaism and Jewry
  • Prejudice/Antisemitism: Why do people hate?
  • Humanize the Jewish experience
  • History of Anti-Judaism and anti-Semitism
  • Films: Camera of My Family, A Class Divided

Day 2

The Rise of the Nazis (1919-1933: Germany between the wars)

  • Impact of World War I and Treaty of Versailles
  • Political reality of the interwar years
  • Failure of Weimar
  • Nazi values/world view
  • Film Clips: The Great War and the Shaping of the 20th Century
  • Homework: Timeline: Evolution to Genocide (1933-1941)

Day 3

Nazi Consolidation of Power and the “Jewish Question”

  • Nazi Ideology: Ethnic nationalism, racism, lebensraum, anti-Bolshevism
  • Laws and early stages of persecution (1933-1938)
    (Use timeline as well as testimonies of victims to humanize the persecution.)
  • Life in Nazi Germany
  • Kristallnacht
  • Films: Heil Hitler: Confessions of A Hitler Youth; Europa, Europa

Day 4

Evolution to Genocide Steps to the “Final Solution”

  • Poland, 1939 - 1940 
  • T4 Program
  • Ghettos
  • Einsatzgruppen
  • SS and camp system
  • Film Clips: Life Unworthy of Life; The Pianist, Genocide: The World At War, Vol. 20

Day 5

The Holocaust

  • The Holocaust (1941-1945)
  • Rescue and Resistance
  • Testimony
  • Assessing responsibility
  • Films: Kitty: Return to Auschwitz; One Survivor Remembers; Courage to Care; Secret Lives: Hidden Children & their Rescuers During World War II; Telling Their Stories: NH Survivors Speak Out; Trial of Adolph Eichmann; The Pianist; Sighet, Sighet

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