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13th Holocaust Memorial Lecture

Dr. Samson Munn

Delivered: Monday, September 27, 2010

The son of Holocaust survivors, Samson Munn, president of the medical staff and associate radiologist in chief at Tufts Medical Center in Boston, is committed to the power of dialogue to do good.

He is especially active in establishing ongoing dialogues between the children of perpetrators and victims of the Holocaust and genocide.

He founded, facilitates, and participates in The Austrian Encounter, a non-profit therapeutic group established in 1995 to counter racism and stem genocide by exploring and discussing the participants’ family histories. He is also active in To Reflect and Trust, a similar group of sons and daughters of survivors from other historic conflicts.

Dr. Munn is a member of the Stephen S. Weinstein Symposium an international gathering of Holocaust and genocide scholars that meets biennially in northern Oxfordshire, England.

Dr. Munn’s work has been the subject of several important documentaries shown on cable television in the United States and on BBC in the United Kingdom.