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The Cohen Center for Holocaust and Genocide Studies

Susan J. Herman Award for Leadership in Holocaust & Genocide Awareness

Herman Dedication
Keene State College’s Cohen Center for Holocaust and Genocide Studies is pleased to announce the establishment of the Susan J. Herman Award for Leadership in Holocaust & Genocide Awareness.

This award honors the work and inspiration of Dr. Susan J. Herman, Professor of Management at the University of Alaska Fairbanks, and Professor Emerita of Management at Keene State College. Dr. Herman has served the College, the Cohen Center and New Hampshire through a lifetime of advocacy, education, curriculum development and leadership training. Dr. Herman’s considerable talents helped to motivate College leaders, faculty and community supporters to join in promoting Holocaust and genocide studies, leading many to a greater awareness of how genocide, mass murder and other crimes of atrocity affect us all today.

The Susan J. Herman Award, which will be permanently endowed, will be used to recognize individuals who have, through personal leadership and actions, stimulated greater understanding of genocide, increased activism on behalf of the victims of crimes against humanity or inspired community engagement in educating people about genocide both historically and in our contemporary world. The Herman Award will be presented in two categories each year.

One recognition award will honor a student at Keene State College, accompanied by a monetary award to assist the student with his or her studies.

The second will be awarded to an individual or group who has/have made a difference in Holocaust and genocide awareness through acts of leadership and personal commitment. Preference for the second award will be given to qualified nominees from New Hampshire, but inspirational candidates from around the world will be considered.

The Cohen Center invites anyone who would like to honor Dr. Herman or to support this unique leadership award to make a gift to the endowment. This will help to ensure that both students and community members continue to be recognized for their leadership in making our world a better place for all.

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