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Hildebrandt Award Recipients

The Hildebrandt Award is given in recognition of excellence in Holocaust or Genocide Studies.. The breadth of the award categories have grown from the initial Keene State College student entries to high school and now community entries. 


Keene State College
  • Christopher Jennerjohn, Charcoal Drawing, "Looking for Hope"
  • Taylor Mitchell, Oral Presentation, "Testimony"
  • New England Dance Ensemble of Londonderry, N.H., Ballet, "A Child’s View of the Holocaust"
  • Jessica Spear, Chesterfield (N.H.) School sixth-grader, Monologue, "Anne Frank"

    High School
  • Hannah Early, Brattleboro Union High School, Painting, "Liberation"


Keene State College
Middle School
  • Jaffrey Rindge Middle School


Keene State College
  • Meagan Blais, Essay, "Inheriting the Holocaust"
  • Jessica Howard & Rebecca Miller, Dance, "Unearthed Senses"

  • David Afra, Story Performance, "The Jar of Tears"
  • Hannah Bush, Song/PowerPoint, "Be a Witness"


Keene State College
High School
  • Kelly Rittenhouse, Kim Jeffries & Sabrina Shemet "The Lone Ranger: The Story of Thomas Weisshaus" Documentary Film


Keene State College 1st Prizes
  • Kathryn Kimball, & Angie Muzzy, Dance, "Separate Parallels"
  • Marlene O’Connor, Mixed Media, Ink, "Her Story" [PDF]
  • Tyler Reed, Musical with Slide Show, "Remembrance"
  • Valerie Snowdon, Research Paper, "Dreams: A Portrait of ChoreographerAnna Sokolow
High School
  • Samuel Hoye, Poetry, "From the Ashes of Angels"


Keene State College 1st Prizes
  • Adam Berube, Dance, "Gerda’s Lieutenant"
  • Tyler B. Reed, Musical composition to scene from Band of Brothers, "Finally Free"
High School
  • Ashlee Simpson, Poem and Collage, "Ribbons and Bows"


Keene State College 2nd Prize
  • Takato Maekawa, Map, "Journey of NH Holocaust Survivors"
Junior High School
  • Brianna Joyce Lewis, Drawing/painting, "Soul of the Holocaust"


Keene State College 1st Prizes
  • KSC 1st Prize, Alison Rosenthal—"Infinitely Uncrossing" Dance
  • Lindsay Plumpton, Essay [PDF]
High School


Keene State College 1st Prizes
  • Yoshio Chandler, Dance, "Beyond the Fingertips"
  • Stephanie Hurley, "Songs From the Holocaust"
High School
  • Jenna Finley, Conant High School, Poetry, "Trodden" [PDF]
  • Rachel Littlefield, Conant High School, Poetry, "What Can I Say" [PDF]


Keene State College
  • Andreas Lawrence, Music, "What You’re Doing"
High School


Keene State College
  • Jessica Federico, Art, "Interminable History"
  • Brooke Wroblewski, Sam Hansen, Jennifer Blair & Susan Tutino, Dance, "Beginning of Hope"
High School
  • Rebecca Liss, Poetry, "Death March"


Keene State College
  • Brooke Wroblewski, Dance, "End of the World"
High School
  • Thayer High School, Art & Sociology, "Man’s Inhumanity to Man"


Keene State College


Keene State College

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